Thank you for coming to my website. I am an avid game designer with a wide variety of game design experience who loves problem solving game designs. My published game design work includes mobile titles, MMO content, tabletop board games, flash games, pen and paper role-playing games, games for handhelds, consoles, 2D, 3D, collectible card games and more.

I am an artist, writer, and programmer, but a game designer first and foremost. If you need anything from me, you can find my resume link to the left. Have fun!

OutGeek.us News:

March 7, 2023: Added games to the Design page and Coding page.
July 10, 2020: I launched a Patreon for my tabletop game offerings.
January 5, 2019: Added paintings.
January 1, 2019: A new year, a new site.